MAAX, sharing experiences with you since 1969!

In 1969, two remarkable events took place: Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon, and a small business was founded in Quebec to manufacture snowmobile components, swimming pools and molded products for the transportation industry. Over the next 50 years, that first moon landing would lead to missions throughout our solar system, and that small company would emerge as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of bathroom products. Recognized for its world-class operational, product development and customer service excellence, the company is, of course, MAAX.
Just as the space exploration program has been attaining new heights, our journey this past half-century has been marked by stellar successes. This is the result of having innovation in our DNA, a team of passionate employees, and thousands of loyal customers like you. With your trust and support, we have been steadily accomplishing our mission of building a better bathware industry and of providing you with an enjoyable experience at every level.
I am proud of the rich legacy we have built together. Today, MAAX has over 1,300 talented employees, eight manufacturing plants, two R&D centres and 5,000 points of sale across North America. Our products are present in the bathrooms of thousands of homes in Canada and the United States, and every day our customer base composed of distributors, specialized stores and retailers continues to grow. With our three main innovative product lines – bathtubs, shower doors and shower solutions – we have climbed to the No. 1 position in Canada and become a leader in the North American bathware market.
All this offers much cause for celebration. Throughout this milestone 50th anniversary year, we will be sharing special communications designed to commemorate some of our key historical accomplishments and to recognize our customers and employees for making them possible.
I want to thank you again for being such a loyal MAAX customer, for helping us build a bright future, and for making a truly positive impact on people’s lives.

Mark Gold

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