Preventative Maintenance Intervals & Items For Residential Tank-Type Water Heaters


• Drain a gallon of water from the drain valve to prevent sediment buildup
Bi-annually (Every 6 Months)
• Conduct visual check of main and pilot burner flames to determine proper operation (Gas)
• Check the seal around heating elements for leaks (Electric)
• Check thermostat operation
• Inspect for proper air flow and obstructions (Gas)
• Inspect ventilation for blockage & leaking exhaust (Gas)
• Maintain safe proximity to flammable liquids or gas
• Remove inner door and remove the main burner assembly
for cleaning and inspection (Gas)
• Replace inner door when complete
• Inspect T&P relief valve
Periodically (Approx. 2 Years)
• Inspect anode rod and replace when necessary
• Factors such as water quality and usage patterns will affect the
consumption of the anode rod as well as time interval of inspection
• Water softener may increase consumption of anode rod, and more
frequent inspection may be needed

Water heaters should be inspected by a qualified service technician.
For more information, please visit the Specs Manuals & Parts List section of the website.



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