Z-Block by Tamas Hydronics Systems-Making Installations EASY!

Made in Canada, The Tamas Z-block is an expandable, all-inclusive, plug-and-play zoning device, capable of pumping for a variety of different applications. When paired with the new Tamas 3-Way Mixing Valve, you can easily add temperature mixing control to a Z-block zoning application. The Z-Block is expandable to suit a range of zoning/temperature requirements, and can also be used as an injection pump or boiler pump. It’s unique modular design significantly reduces install time and cost.


The Z-Block is designed for multiple applications:

1) Zoning in a hydronic system for individual or multiple zones. The maximum amount of connected Z-block modules is 10 in a single supply to the manifolds.

2) As an injection pump in a multiple zone application, to temper the water temperature.
(Optional part #025- 0005 180° End Connection for creating primary/secondary piping arrangement. Injection pump controller not supplied.)

3) As a boiler pump in a multiple zone application.
(Optional part #025-0005 180° End Connection for creating primary/secondary piping arrangement.)

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